Huge Balance Update This Week! [Version 0.3.5]

We've made some pretty major balance adjustments to improve the feel of the game!

Here's a list of the changes made:

  • All units have had their health roughly doubled.
  • Masters now deal 4 damage instead of 3.
  • Solar Flare now deals 15 damage.
  • Enemy spawn rates have been drastically reduced.
  • You now gain 1500 scraps each turn per printer instead of 2500.
  • Backup Cores now cost 350 scraps instead of 500.
  • Repair Kits now cost 200 scraps instead of 100.
  • AI Core prices have been drastically reduced.
  • You now start the game with 10000 scraps instead of 5000.
  • Auto Turrets now deal 5 damage instead of 3.
  • The Focus Beam's base damage is increased to 3 from 2.
  • Enemy stat cards now show the enemy's health.

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19 days ago

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