Overcharged Rework with this week's update! [Version 0.3.4]

We felt that battery charge was in much need of some improvements, so here's what we've got for you!

  • Overcharge rework. Previously Overcharged bots are now called fully charged and have the option to expend all of their battery to become Overchargedfor the turn. A fully charged bot still gets the 25% bonus like before and an overcharged bot will now get a 50% boost to their stats. If you get a bot back to fully charged after applying overcharge, the effects will stack to a 75% boost.
  • Fully charged is now indicated by a bot's battery bar changing colour to yellow.
  • Fully charged now only requires getting to 100% battery instead of recharge while at 100% battery.
  • Bots will only lose battery charge once in a turn when changing commands and the battery charge will be refunded if you set it back to the bot's original commands.
  • Changing a bots commands now not only costs 50% battery but requires having at least 50% battery to expend.

On top of this, there's a few other QOL improvements and bug fixes.

Make sure to check out the Version Log in game for all the details!


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34 days ago

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